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Employee Lifecycle

In the Employee Lifecycle work, A. Quinn will focus on your hiring process, go through how your employees are developed at your company and closing the lifecycle by understanding the exiting process.

HR Consultation

A. Quinn can be your resource for HR consultation on a variety of HR topics.  This can be done in one on one sessions or ongoing check-ins between your company and the A. Quinn team.

HR Pillars

A. Quinn offers an exercise to self assess and define opportunities around the 6 HR pillars.

  • HR Admin

  • Recruiting/Staffing

  • Learning and Development

  • Compensation/Benefits

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employee Satisfaction

Learning and Leadership Development

Opportunities to learn and grow are imperative for your leadership and employees. Our Learning and Leadership Development resources help you retain talent, grow talent and ensure that your team members are functioning at their highest level.


Onboarding is arguably the most important aspect of an employees success rate. This impacts culture and finance as well.  A. Quinn HR has a structured onboarding model that can easily adapt to your company. 

Measurement and Outcomes

Measurement and outcomes are a definitive way of showing that what you are doing is, or is not working.  Data shows the actual story. A. Quinn will provide you with strategies to measure your companies success, as well as how your are achieving your desired outcomes.


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